• ‘Informal schools at Pasturelands (Gocher Shalas)’ with support of National Foundation of India (NFI)– New Delhi
  • ‘Pre– Watershed Program’ with support of Catholic Relief Service (CRS)– USA
  • ‘Farm Livelihood Promotion’ with support of CORDAID– Netherland
  • ‘Reading Room Program’ with support of Room to Read – United States
  • ‘Combating Poverty Reduction Program’ with support of Terre Des Homes– New Delhi
  • ‘Rajasthan Development Program’ with support of Churches Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA)– New Delhi
  • ‘Girls Child Rights & Education Program’ with support of Terre Des Homes (TDH)- Germany
  • ‘District Poverty Initiatives Project (DPIP)’ with support of Government of Rajasthan state (India)


  • Campaigning for enrolment of rural children in Government schools to ensure ’Right to Education’
  • Awareness among rural communities on several development issues during traditional festivals
  • Ensuring actively participation of rural women in democratic process
  • Informal education of rural children by village level ‘Education Support Centers’
  • Village level literacy camps for rural women
  • Awareness generation on Child rights
  • In house celebration of National and International days with community participation
  • WAVE (Women’s Action for Virtual Empowerment) with support of Share and Care Foundation (SCF), USA
  • Safe Village Programme with support of My Choice Foundation, Hyderabad

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