• To generate awareness among rural women for their roles and responsibilities in developmental Process
  • To enhance participation of rural women in planning- implementation- monitoring levels of development activities
  • To develop women’s leadership and communication skills for enhancing self development
  • To empower rural people to identify and break barriers in process for rural development
  • To work for education of rural children who denied their right to education
  • To work towards improved social health and wellbeing
  • To work for environmental protection- agriculture- natural resources management and rainwater conservation
  • To work for gender equality and social justice
  • To work for removal of social evils and superstitions


GVSTK adopts participatory approach. Actively participation of community is essential for the holistic and sustainable development. Community participation encourage the stake holders’ influence and control over development initiatives and the decisions which affect them. Benefits of community participation:

  • Increased quality and sustainability of development options
  • More willingness to share cost and contribute to maintenance
  • Increased stake holders’ ownership on policies and project
  • Increased equity by involving poor and other groups.
  • Increased local capacity building
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Increased institutional performance

GVSTK make focus on women’s participation and gender integration in development sectors.


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